We are committed to building long-term relationships with our clients.

Our coaching-centered approach includes individual coaching/mentoring, organizational consulting, corporate training and educational program management.

What Matters To Us:

Endure Lives
At Endure, values matter most. We carefully vet our team as well as the organizations and individuals we support with these seven core values in mind. They guide our relationships, work and lives.
Guide Not Direct
While our team has many years of expertise, our goal is to guide and serve our clients vs. dictate and direct. A great coach once said, "I will never take responsibility for your successes, because that would mean I would have to take responsibility for your failures, and I'm not willing to do that.” We provide support and guidance but give our clients ownership for the results.
Quality Matters
Before anything else, our goal is to ensure the process is organized, professional and the little details are addressed. We take pride in delivering consistent quality. We provide realistic feedback and take the word commitment to heart. If we can’t deliver a quality experience, we won’t do it.
Invest in the Long Term
The main difference between hiring a coach and hiring a consultant is the coach is in it for the long haul. We look at how we can generate the best short-term results but have always have a long term perspective.
Relationships Matter Most
When it comes to coaching, almost anyone can provide a business strategy, life map or training plan for an athlete. What defines a great coach is the relationship with the client, and we see the relationship as the foundation of our business. We invest our time in developing a lasting relationship.
Family First
We treat our clients and team like family. This means that we are transparent in the process and stick together through the good and the bad. Our team gets along, hangs out together and lives like a family.
Active & Healthy
Our team lives the active, healthy lifestyle. This manifests in many ways, but our goal is to provide the opportunity for people to lead an integrated life and help our clients lead that same, active, healthy lifestyle. Our team plays together as hard as we work together.
Part of an active healthy lifestyle is giving back to the communities that support us. Whether this be in our city, country or globally, our team gives to organizations we are passionate about and support the sports and partners with whom we work.