Endure exists to guide the individuals, businesses and athletes we coach.


Endure offers coaching that transcends athletics; working with athletes, business leaders and corporate visionaries in diverse fields. We meet people at the intersection of life, business and endurance sports. Our clients want support integrating these sometimes disparate and always demanding aspects of their lives and businesses.





Over the years, we found ourselves at an intersection between executives and organizational leaders, businesses that needed support to fully develop and athletes seeking to better results or accomplish a “bucket list” event. While these three areas seem fairly disparate, they are uniquely integrated into most people’s lives. Executives hire a coach to help provide accountability for results, work through complex problems and find balance in life. Businesses managed by these executives need long term support to develop key projects and are frustrated with consultants that have one way of doing things, provide a short term solution and walk out the door. A growing number of these executives and other motivated individuals choose an endurance sports event to compete and hire a coach to help with that specific event. Endure meets our clients at this intersection and provides a one stop shop.

One of Matt’s best qualities as a coach is his ability to create a healthy balance between training, racing, work, family, and the rest of things that life throw at us. He is able to help prioritize and maximize time spent training to ensure a continued love of the sports we do as well success in other aspects of our lives.
— Mike Riederer